“Revista letrare” the oldest literary magazine in albanian language and its imprint rlbooks

Revista Letrare is the biggest and oldest literary magazine in the Albanian Language, based in Belgium. Apart from its online publication, it has a quarterly successful printed version.  

Its first publication dates in 1943 and was founded by some of the biggest names in the Albanian literature. It publishes the best poetry and writing by Albanian writers and quality translations from world masters.

I designed and implemented the publication in its totality, including information architecture, security, artwork and integration. The service is constructed with simplicity in mind, focusing on the authors and the readers. The script is localized in 5 languages.

Online version

Latest print version

RL Books is the imprint on Revista Letrare. It publishes worldwide, mainly books in the Albanian language and translation of Albanian literature in other languages. It is a consolidated service, integrating sales and inventory.

I researched and designed all its components, virtual and physical. The website is an eCommerce store integrated with other services that will come online in a series of upgrades. It can be maintained and operated with minimal supervision.

RLBooks online store