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A journalistic approach to User Experience Research

A UX researcher is not a UX designer, and her/his job is not to build, it is to Inspect, Investigate, and Inspire. Separating those roles is critical; the clearer the separation, the better the end result.

The difference between UX Designers and Researchers

A good researcher has only one indispensable tool, which is the notebook, and psychological and analytical capabilities on the range of a good investigator. While the designer is constrained by hard math, a researcher is constrained only by Common Sense.

UX: The three most asked questions

A happy user has no questions. And that is the nirvana of an application. The end cycle of its rebirth through versions and releases.

CASE STUDY: Translation Is Not Localization

A short presentation of a hostile usability research on the Albanian localization of Windows 7 and 8.1.

HOW TO: Avoid Subjectivity In UX Research

You have to dig deep into your soul and search for any preconception that could influence your research.

CASE STUDY: Internal-To-Public Service Conversion

Short presentation of a project on virtualization of the publication process of an government organisation.

UX User Interview Dos and Dont’s

Humans are opinionated, full of bad habits, rarely sincere, and most of the time, they see the inquirer as a hostile entity. 

HOW TO: Better build, use and classify Personas

Usability Research and the Personas in it have a single mission: to bring change for the better and to consolidate and spread the user base.