CASE STUDY: Internal-To-Public database Service Conversion


The client was one of the biggest tribunals in Albania. The Internal database was used for handling day-to-day business on a typical bureaucratic government organization. Every appointment and public information was handled by the public relations office with a long daily hanging of excel sheets in A4 format in front of the institution. It was a nightmare for the people interested in court dates and similar info, because the lists often had errors and inconsistencies.

Goal: Virtualizing the publication process, eliminating centralized decision-making and minimizing paperwork.


  • Analyses of situation and evaluation of current assets. Interviews with shareholders, stakeholders and past and present users. Building of Personas and Journey Maps.
    • Direct and Indirect Interviews. Observations.
    • Questionnaires and Surveys.
    • Card Sorting
  • Identification of user’s needs.
    • Reorganization of information architecture of the existing database to suite both ends (internal & public).


  • Ideation
    • Paper prototyping.
    • Usability Testing to refine the User Journeys.
  • Predesign
    • Presentation of the research conclusions to the shareholders.
    • Receiving feed-back and reevaluation.
    • Consolidation of structure.
    • Introduction to the design team.