Dritan Kiçi

Initial FRD for the integrated website and booking application for Eurocar

Problem/Opportunity The problem is that Eurocar currently relies on a manual booking system, which is time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. The opportunity is to develop an integrated website and booking application that will automate the booking process, improve the overall customer experience and facilitate better fleet management. User Requirements The intended users of the […]


Installation Guide

For the Route and Navigation app on TC series PDA Data Collector Android 10 This installation guide will walk you through the steps necessary to install the Route and Navigation application on a TC series PDA Data Collector Android 10. Please follow the steps below to ensure a successful installation. Step 1: Ensure Compatibility Before […]


“Revista letrare” the oldest literary magazine in albanian language and its imprint rlbooks

Revista Letrare is the biggest and oldest literary magazine in the Albanian Language, based in Belgium. Apart from its online publication, it has a quarterly successful printed version.   Its first publication dates in 1943 and was founded by some of the biggest names in the Albanian literature. It publishes the best poetry and writing […]