About me

I have always been an inquisitive person and my core drive is helping others with no expectation or return.

These values have driven my life in every sense. I love to cook new dishes for my family and friends, and help old ladies in the supermarket… So, maybe there’s a bit of narcissistic need for attention or confirmation; nobody is perfect.

Sticking my nose where I shouldn’t have got me in trouble a few times as a journalist, including getting arrested a few times, but the temptation of digging up the truth has always been irresistible to me.

So, disillusioned with the journalism and the daily news, in 2007, I jumped to technical journalism with PC World Albanian. There I really appreciated the utilitarian value of usability research, as a better way to contribute to what I have dear. I learned how to see hidden things that escape for people’s eyes.

In September 2009, I signed up for the TV program “Kompjuteri im” (My computer) with Diditalb, the biggest TV network in Albania and Kosovo. In 4 years and over 100 episodes, I taught the viewer how to use desktop and mobile applications, how to install and maintain software and hardware, how to recognize the better usability value between two services, etc. I consulted companies on usability and ICT solutions. It was a great time.

And then the journalist in me couldn’t resist discovering the truth…

…so I came to Belgium. But this is another story that the reader will find in my upcoming autobiography.


Now I devote most of my time to driving, writing and publishing, my works and others under the imprint of RL Books, a non-profit publishing house and Revista Letrare, the oldest literary magazine in the Albanian language.

The only path to eternity is through our children and our writing.