About me

I have always been a curious inquisitive person and my core drive has been helping others with no expectation or return.

These two values have drived my life in every sense. I love to cook new dishes for my family and friends, and help old ladies in the supermarket… So, maybe there’s a tiny bit of narcissistic need for attention or confirmation; nobody is perfect.

Sticking my nose where I shouldn’t, have got me in trouble a few times as a journalist, including a couple of arrests, but the temptation of digging up the truth has always been irresistible.

So, disillusioned with the journalism and news in general, in 2007 I jumped to technical journalism with PC World Albanian. There I really appreciated the utilitarian value of usability research and product development, as a better way to contribute to what I have dear.

In September 2009 I signed up for the TV program “Kompjuteri im” (My computer) with Diditalb, the biggest TV network in Albania and Kosovo at the time. In 4 years and more than 100 episodes I taught the viewer how to use desktop and mobile applications, how to install and maintain software and hardware, how to recognize the better usability value between two services, etc. The same time I consulted companies on usability and ICT solutions in general. It was a great time.

And then the journalist in me couldn’t resist discovering the truth…

…so I came to Belgium.


I am a very experienced journalist turned UX Researcher, with professional grade skills in web and graphic design, video, photography and knowledge transfer.