About me

Dritan Kiçi

For what I know, I’m the only Dritan Kiçi in this universe. Isn’t that cool?

I’m a tormented soul, torn apart by extreme wishes and the compulsion that follows. Because of this I have done so many thing in my life and I’m glad I have always followed my heart. We get one life, and for that we should feel lucky. Don’t waste it!

As I said, I find myself always in love with many things and it is hard. So, I don’t know what to call myself: Journalist, artist, videographer, UX Researcher, programmer? So I have found peace, and no longer have the need to explain myself to anybody. When I’m asked what I do, I say “Right now I’m talking to you”.

But in all this confusion I can tell you that my most precious attention always goes to my fellow man, the viewer, the listener, the one in need, the one I need. In turn this satisfies my soul by being wanted, helpful, precious. Nietzsche says: “Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called ‘Ego’.”