Lennik, Belgium
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Shoot Raw, Think Fine, 
Research, Design

I'm a Brand Designer and Art Director with broad interdisciplinary
expertise in Arts, Videography, Photography, Content Writing, Graphic Design, Web Development and UX Research and Design.


Reasearching the simplest comprehensive solutions for your business multimedia needs  


Seeing the bigger picture

Every project begins with Usability Research and Business Analysis.

User Experience Research

Usability is the top bullet-point on my every to-do list. Knowing the needs of your project and the preferences of your users is the fundation of every good solution.

Designing for everybody

Even I do not fly any UAVs, the users of my work do, so, to be sure of representing their best I simpify as much as I can the multimedia side of the project.

Multimedia & Content

Publishing and content is critical to good and simple design. I offer complete complete solutions that can be transfered easily in paper or any other media.  

Graphic Design
& Web Development

On new projects I capture nga design everything needed: from Images, Video, Logo and Brand Design, Web Development, Initial Content and print media. 



If I can help it, I use always my own images. Stock photography may look good and easy, but it will never have the authenticity of a production image, of real users.


If a picture is 1000 words, a video is a 1000 pictures. Here are some documentaries and and corporate documentation videos from the ongoing Robot Aviation project. 

See some videos

Ongoing projects

These are some of my ongoing projects.


Robot Aviation is a leading Norwegian
aviation company, with a complete 
fleet of  state of the art UAVs


Destination Albania is Swiss based initiative 
for promoting ecologic tourism in Albania, offering venue booking services.


Shqipto.com is an Albanian translation, proofreading and publishing service, serving individuals and organisations.

Building long-term relations

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it:

I have worked with Dritan on various media and IT-projects and I been impressed by his way of conducting business. Dritan is broad-minded, careful and organized with huge knowledge, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. Always takes care of the job, works hard and really enjoys team-working. Shows all the time a strong determination to fulfill his goals, while never compromising honesty to others.

Niklas Nyroth

Robot Aviation

Dritan is one of the most gifted producers and TV host, I’ve ever known. He has a special talent: The Multitask At Hand.
Being able to step in where needed,  setting-up the studio with three to five cameras, taking care of the lighting and the sound, shooting on the go reportages, directing and editing or any other task he’s faced with. He has precision, awareness and a singular sense of production values when it comes to put together a television show or a news story.

Mishel Koçiu

Film Director

I had the opportunity to know Dritan and found him to be a reliable and trustful friend and partner. It is important to mention that he loves and care about his lovely family. The care he shows about friends, family and business partners gives confidence that it is good to work with him. I am also privileged and it is my pleasure to recommend Dritan to my friends and business network. If you have any questions related to Dritan, please do not hesitate to ask me at any time.

Neshad Asllani

Telehealth and Medicine Today